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Question What Volume Do You Listen At?

I'm curious: what volume do you set your Clip/Clip+/Clip Zip to?

I understand that the volume you set your mp3 player to isn't the volume you hear. It's dependent on what headphones you're using, how the song has been mixed, how loud your environment is, and other factors.

However, in this subforum we all have a Rockboxed Clip/Clip+/Clip Zip. Therefore, we can control for the most important variable: the mp3 player. It's useless to compare a Sony at volume 7 and Cowon at volume 26. The fact that we're all using the same mp3 player with the same firmware lets us use the same -81dB to 6dB scale. It gives us the best opportunity to compare volumes without actually being in the same room and listening to one another's music.

When I'm in a silent environment, I set my Clip Zip between -60dB and -50dB. In a noisy environment, such as on the sidewalk with traffic passing by, I'll go as high as -30dB. This is all with Vsonic GR06 IEMs.

So how about you guys?

I know we can't compare volumes with a high degree of precision, but I'm interested to know whether we all listen at about the same volume, or if some of us skew to one end of the spectrum.
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