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Welcome to ABI

I'd save my money and get something else.The Riptidz were something of a sensation when they first came out because they were better than what you'd expect at the price but I wouldn't call them great. Not by a long shot.

The cables are the thin, tangly ones you get with stock earbuds. Nothing at all like the ones on the Marshmallows. There's no strain relief so they tend to fail where they exit the body of the headphone.

The included tips are about the cheapest I've ever encountered. Fortunately they're a standard size so I was able to use some Sony hybrids when I tried listening to them.

"Tried" is about the best I could do. They were hissy, sibilant with flabby bassy all at once. There was a noticeable channel imbalance. I thought I had got a bum set so I exchanged them a couple of times. The channel imbalance switched sides on one set and was less noticeable on the other but they all had it.

If you're in the market for some decently made IEMs with Marshmallow type cables I'd look at the Senn CX200. They cost more but they're worth it imo. My set are about 3 years old so I can't be absolutely certain that Senn hasn't changed the cables but I believe they should be the same.

The build quality is on the level that I expect a decent set of IEMs to have. Proper strain reliefs where needed and a right well made angle plug put them a goodly step up from the Riptidz. The included tips aren't the thinnest or most durable but they beat the heck out of the ones included with the Riptidz.

I much prefer my SoundMagic E10. I don't have any problems with the cables. However if I they were to fail I could live with the Senns until my new set of E10 were delivered.
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