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I realize this is an old thread, but I am curious about the cable (cord) on these; I'm looking for a cheap pair of IEMs to sleep in (living underneath a busy Schiphol route, sleep can be a bit of a challenge) and I'm thinking the lack of stress relief might actually make them more comfortable for that.

But I worry about the cable; I have a pair of JVC marshmallows and while the memory foam makes my ears itch terribly, I adore the cable on those; nice and thick and supple and not prone to tangling.

On the other hand I have some SoundMagic IEMs that are more comfortable in my ears and the sound is much better, but the cable on those is horrible; thin and stiff, it tangles if you so much as point at it.

On the Riptidz, some of the reviews say the cable is 'better than average', others say that it is fragile and tangles easily.

Anyone with hands-on experience want to tell me about the cord?
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