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Default I need help with rockbox intructions for Sansa fuze v1.

A few days ago I got a sansa fuze from amazon, it was great and all, but I absolutely needed to install rockbox on it because I have ALAC, OGG, and APE music files (and FLACs and 320 MP3s), which the stock firmware can't play back. But rockbox also looks awesome. So I went ahead and installed rockbox but I bricked it. I have no idea how our what I did wrong. I followed the instructions from the rockbox official website if you're wondering. I got the FAT is corrupted message and when I connected it to the computer to fix the FAT file my computer wouldn't recognize it and it would get kinda hot too. Amazon so nice as always allowed me to return it for a refund. I just ordered another one and I still want to get rockbox on it, I believe it is v1 because it the firmware version is V01.02.3IF Am I correct? . Could someone please give me the details of how to do it because the instructions given by rockbox are extremely confusing (especially the bootloader part)? The part that's confusing is the part where it tells me to navigate to a folder in command prompt in the bootloader installation, wtf does that even mean? I'm sorry if I sound frustrated, because I kinda am and I'm extremely scared if bricking it again. Any help would be great. (EDIT: if this is not the right subreddit for this which one is?). I'm still very confused, does the rockbox utility install the bootloader automatically or is it a separate process? If it is a separate process then how do you do it? What should I do if the utility doesn't recognize my Fuze? I'm so scared to brick it again. Thanks to anyone who helps.
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Welcome to ABi

The best set of installation directions I know are here. That's a link to the Automated installation section of the Rockbox V1 manual. Using the Rockbox Utility is the preferred method of installation and doesn't require use of the command line instructions that are giving you problems.

There's specific directions that work if you follow them. There's a link to the Rockbox Utility there. There's also a link to where you need to get the firmware that the automated installer will ask for during installation. Be sure to use the All Regions link not the one for the Firmware Updater.

That's all you really need to get Rockbox installed. If you follow the directions there and it doesn't install I'd go to the Rockbox forums and let them know. There's been a lot of work put into the automated installer and it's worked for me every time I've tried it. If it's not doing the same for you I'm pretty sure the developers would be interested in finding out why it doesn't.

BTW, your APE files won't work very well on a Rockboxed V1 Fuze. Decoding APE requires more than a Fuze can handle properly. As APE is a lossless codec you can re-encode them to FLAC with no loss in quality. FLAC files will decode without the problems of APE.
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