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Old 05-15-2014, 08:41 AM
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Welcome to ABi

While I appreciate you sharing your experience what you've posted is incomplete in ways that might frustrate someone seeing it in the future. I'll add a few things I've learned using both Musicbee and a i9 to while making playlists to help someone that might find this later.

Whiles it's true that playlists must be made from files that exist on the player there's no need for them to be on the player as you start. Musicbee has the ability to move files from other locations if they don't exist on the player if it's set up properly.

If you right click and create a playlist on the i9 you can then drag files into that playlist and Musicbee will copy the files needed to properly create the playlist from anywhere it can access. It copies the files to the folder structure you set in the Device Settings. I find the default structure works nicely so I don't change that.

If you set it to it can encode the files to your preferred codec as it copies them. If the codec it's converting to is MP3 or AAC it can level the volume as it encodes the files. That can be very useful as the i9 doesn't make use of Replaygain tags.

If you prefer Musicbee can also either copy the album art files according to a naming pattern of your choice as it copies the files. I use cover.jpg as it displays reliably with every codec I've used on the i9. If you don't mind losing a bit of space you can have it embed the album art into the files. I find that doesn't always work so I have the AA copied. There's even a setting to resize the AA images as they're transferred.

There's no absolute need to place the playlists created in the Playlists folder. I you set the path prefix for tracks as
the paths are relative, not absolute. You can then use most places in the directory structure to save playlists. The i9 finds them during the refresh and can translate the relative paths so the playlists work properly.

I'm not sure that saving playlists created in MTP as .m3u is the best way to deal with those. PLA is the default and should be compatible with any Windows based OS that has MTP support. If there's ever a need to edit .m3u playlist son another machine or with different software I'm not sure how well it would work.

I'm gonna knock it off now. I could go on for a quite a while about what I've discovered about Musicbee and it's playlist capabilities. However that's not the purpose of my reply. It's more on the level of letting others know while you've found a method that works for you that doesn't mean your method is the only way that works.

It's like using that "gravity" playlist maker. I detest it and avoid it with a vengeance. It's overly complex and does things without telling you that aren't obvious. Last time I tried it wouldn't work properly when denied 'net access. Writing what's essentially a text file shouldn't require access that type of access imo.

I've MP3Tag to be a very good playlist maker for the i9 and a number of other DAPs. I also use XMPlay, foobar2000 with the EXTM3U plugin installed. Just about any software that can save .m3u playlists using relative paths works. Even Windows Media Player in a pinch.

Please understand I'm not knocking your method and appreciate your willingness to share your results here. It's that if someone sees it later I'd like them to see that while your method works there are several other ways that may work for them just as well if not better.
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