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If i remember correctly formatter utility should be available also in MD2.51. So, as already suggested by ottogrey, you can try to format partitions as described in service manual:

In case of errors while mounting internal partitions you can read the file ERROR.log on your microSD, then you can try to backup files (if possible) and format the internal partitions using the utility.
Using it is very easy, you simply have to create a file on your microSD card for every partition you want to format.
The ERROR.log contains some mounting errors for /mnt/media0, so you want to format this partition.
Power on the player, launch SafeMode, connect the USB cable and backup the content of media0 partition. Now create an empty file in your microSD called "FORMAT.MEDIA0".
If you want to format media1 you must create a file called "FORMAT.MEDIA1".
Reboot the player and wait until it auto-shutdown. Power it on again and all operations should be done.
You can also check and post the ERROR.log file for more information before trying the formatter.
P.S: If the safemode is not working and you need to format, you won't be able to backup the player contents.
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