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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Just tried on device and it seems to work now, thanks

edit: hum after rebooting the device, removing and inserting the card, it stops working, then after removing and inserting the card again, it works again... or not...etc... the setting doesn't seem to be reliable and consistent.

You provide a firmware? Really?

The R0 has been in the Rockbox tree for 2 years now and it's one of the only target not to have an official bootloader available for download.

The other targets have either a prebuilt bootloader to download or can be used in Rockbox Utility to install the bootloader.

For the R0 you are obliged to compile the bootloader yourself. Don't forget that most users can't compile themselves and therefore as long as there is nothing to download from the Rockbox website, I personally consider modded firmware v2.51 and LR 4.6 as the official Rockbox bootloaders/firmwares for R0. Those are used by 90% of rockboxed R0 users and thus are much more representative for testing.
Well, we provide the the tools required to build a firmware that can boot Rockbox. While it requires a toolchain and Linux, cross compilation is not required, and can be done on a live system.

The situation is difficult for the R0 because the tools that are required run only on Linux (to unpack/pack the root fs), and therefore rbutil integration is complicated. We don't provide prebuilt firmwares because they contain copyright by Samsung, thus we cannot legally distribute it. It's unfortunate, I know.

What we provide through our source tree is what we call official, regardless of your view.
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