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My SGP 4.0 is odd that way too. Every once in a while the date resets itself and it takes repeated tries to get it to connect over Wifi. I get messages that security certificates are out of date and can't connect to google play when that happens. After I reset the date everything goes back to normal.

I also have times when it won't connect through my home router. When I try other devices that use the same router they work just fine. I reset the router and the SGP connects again. I don't have to update my sign on or do anything else but reset the router.

I'm starting to suspect it's a conflict between my router and Samsung devices. I have a no contract Samsung phone I gave to a friend who uses as a wifi enabled media player. It connects everywhere else and most of the time on my router. Every once in a while it won't. Rebooting the phone and trying to sign in again won't get it to connect. After I reset the router it connects right away.
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