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The RAM is only 512 MB but the available internal memory is 5.61 GB. There's also system memory available that takes it up to ~8 GB on mine. By the standards of some of today's low end phones that's a good amount of space to work with.

I think there's enough of a difference once it's rooted to make it worth exploring. I used my SGP 4.0 without rooting it and installing a custom rom for quite a while. Then I started bumping into things that couldn't be done under Gingerbread. It's not just performance. Rooting it allows you to update the android version to use the hardware in ways Gingerbread doesn't. It also let's you kill tons of background processes that hamper performance.

Just getting the old version of Touchwiz out the way frees enough to let the hardware perform well enough to make using updated apps worth while on the 4.0. There's a number apps like the Chrome browser that don't run under Gingerbread. It's not the hardware. It runs fine once you're rooted and install 4.0 or better.

There's also apps that run poorly under Gingerbread. Notably Google Play Music. There's features like gapless playback that don't work under GB that work as expected under JB.

The directions on the Galalxy Wifi All In One thread are fairly easy to follow if you take your time. There's also links to a number of vids to help walk you through the process.
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