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Default Buds or In ear?

I really need some advice on what I should get. I was using the stock buds that came with my sansa but the left side started having a short. So I went out and picked up a pair of phillips buds($10) but they sound like shat. I was thinking of getting some in ears but after some reading here I found that there may be issues with movment with the wires forcing me to wrap them up and around rather than hanging which doesn't really sit well with me. I need to move around in these but at the same time I also don't want to be completely blocked out from any noise.(things from people calling me etc) Really the stock phones that came with my player were quite good enough but as I said they went out. I've read the faqs and some other threads but I need some more personal advice here. Will the in ear wire issues hinder my experience really or should I just try to get some regular old buds? I really need help as I have no time and will base my decision off of any advice I recieve and quickly order something tomorrow. Thanks for any advice in advance.
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No, the cable microphonics aren't THAT bad, usually. Instead of using the cable up and around your ear you can also use the cable under your shirt, that also eliminates a lot of cable noise.

The sound quality of in-ear phones outweigh the minor annoyance of microphonic cables by far. Once you heard some decent IEMs, you'll never go back to earbuds.
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I always seem to have problems with ear buds falling out of my ears. I have tried 2 different pairs of inexpensive in ear phones. They don't fall out, so I'm happy. Plus the JVC Marshmallows sound better than the other ones. They also isolate you more from life around you.

Some people's ears don't like the feel of the in-ear styles. Maybe you should try something inexpensive before spending a lot.

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I would try some inexpensive IEM's... The JVC Marhmallows are decent, and the Creative EP-630's can be had for $19.99 at Creative's website.
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Don't buy the Panasonic "necklace" style earbuds. You definitely hear the cable noise and I paid $50 bucks or more on them.
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