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Default Phillips GoGear Connect 3 8g - Rooting Problems

==Programs I've used to attempt to Root==
-z4Root or wat ever it's called
-GingerBreak (Also failed)
-and PC Software SuperOneClick.

So i bought this device some time last year to replace a broken iPod I had. I Still however own this device and I'm interested in rooting it so i can mess around with it and use more applications. I have tried to root with the above applications but with zero success or any slither of hope. I have also done research around forums and Google but the guides that i have found give very vague instructions. So if any has experience with rooting android devices and can help me out it'd be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Android OS Android2.3.3

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Lightbulb root the sa3cnt

first.. download the latest version of songbird from the philips support site. for the sa3cnt. then follow the instructions on how to restore your device.. this assures you have the latest firmware they offer

turn on the usb debugging mode on the device

then use this program which is superoneclick version 2.2

chose zergrush from the pulldown and then hit the root button

it may say that you dont have a driver installed and ask if you want to force a driver.. you should do that.. if you had to install the driver, after its done it will tell you to unplug the device and plug it back in.. then the rooting will continue..

if it asks to install busybox tell it no.. but you should install busybox later from the play store.. i suggest busybox by stephen (stericson).. just use the normal install.. not the smart install..

also.. you should update the superuser app from the play store and then also update the su binary from inside the superuser app..
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Default removing bloat

after your device is rooted you can go about removing some of the bloat..

first off dont update any of the other software on the device.. if you did then just uninstall it..

install Root Explorer by SpeedSoftware

we are not actually deleting anything, just disabling it by rename the extention from apk to bak

go into your /vendor/app directory and rename everything except songbird

then go into your /system/app directory and you can rename any of these without problems

browser (i installed firefox)
email (i installed K9mail instead)
gmail (i installed K9mail instead)
vpnservices (i installed openvpn since i rooted it)

there may be others you can disable this way like the 7store or whatever it is.. i cant remember what it was called
just be careful you don't disable anything that your system needs to run..
remember, just rename the apk to bak.. that way you can always put it back if you decide you want it

you can also install Boot Animations * Root by JRummy Apps Inc.
i used this to disable the boot animation..

after all this you should reboot your device

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