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Old 01-10-2014, 02:29 PM
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Some notes on the Soundmagic E10s that I got recently:
1. Wearing them upside down with the cable over the ear is a bit more fidgety but doable and has pretty much eliminated cable noise for me.
2. Maybe these have gotten a lot more sensitive lately? They definitely rival my old SE420s in that regard. Slight (but unobtrusive) hiss on the Clip+, annoying hiss on the FiiO E11. Last year's InnerFidelity measurements also showed 90 dB SPL @ 0.02 mW or 19 mV, indicating about 124 dB / 1 Vrms. And presumably that's at 1 kHz or something and would be higher in the bass. The Shures were nominally more sensitive but somewhat mid-centric, which tends to hurt full-spectrum sensitivity subjectively.

Otherwise I can more or less confirm what the table says. Sort of a bathtubby response with a good amount of bass and highs. Mids seem quite flat and uncolored, which is important to me as I'm thoroughly spoiled by full-size open cans. So not dead neutral but likable. I typically use them on trains and such, where bass is among the first things to be drowned out, so a bit more doesn't hurt. Details can still be picked up quite well, too.

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