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Thumbs up Glad it worked but just so you know

Good to hear that you got that straightened out. I suspect it was the need to switch to MSC USB mode to install Rockbox is what fixed the issue though.

You said you started using it without changing the USB mode. The default is autodetect which defaults to MTP. If you loaded the card with a card reader those files were loaded in MSC. That creates the situation where files that are loaded in one mode can't be seen in the other. That's probably why you ouldn't see the contents of the card and the player at the same time.

The usual solution is to remove whatever files were loaded in one mode, switch to the mode you prefer and reload the files. Apparently installing Rockbox had the same results.

I'd call that a win-win. Rockbox is much more useful to me than the sandisk firmware. The sandisk firmware isn't that bad but what you gain with Rockbox takes what can be done to another level. Not having to deal with the database refresh makes it worth while for me.
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