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Welcome to ABi

I have a i9 and use it in Windows along with .EXTM3U playlists. Unfortunately I can't help much with what software will work on a Mac. I have no experience with Macs and playlists except for using them in iTunes with apple devices. When I try to research "EXTM3U playlists on a Mac" I see several results but I can't tell which might work well for you.

As a Mac user you need to use the .m3u playlists as the drivers that make MTP based .pla playlists work are part of Windows Media Player. The files need to be loaded in MSC mode for them to work properly. I *think* that's the default mode for Macs with an i9. If it isn't be sure to switch to it before you load it.

M3u playlists are really text files that point to the file paths where the files are. They can actually be created with a text editor but for anything more than one or two files that gets old in a hurry. If you can find a software that creates them that would be the way to go. I have a half memory of some type of apple script being able to do it but don't hold me to that.

With the folder structure I use the list gets constructed as
#EXTINF:<time in seconds>,<Artist - Title>
\<Music directory>\<Artist directory>\<Album directory>\<File name>
For a typical file that looks like
#EXTINF:429,Acrilic Colors - Groove O'clock
\Music\Acrilic Colors\The Thing From Another World\02 - Groove O'clock.mp3
I use the files on the player stored
Music directory\Artist directory\Album directory\File name
I save the playlists themselves in the Playlists folder. I've found that storing them in the same Music folder or the root of the i9 also works. It's just neater to store them in the Playlist folder and let's me set that as the default save location for the software I use.
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