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That's interesting BD.

Just curious, how much do the internal specs matter when it comes to bluetooth streaming audio quality?

I've eliminated cords altogether for music playing TBH.

I used to use the cassette to 2.5mm headphone jack for years instead of burning hundreds of CD's. Finally my headphone jack wore out on my blackberry torch 2 so I went and bought a really nice pioneer in-dash to use bluetooth streaming audio. It works flawless and the sound quality is eons better.

I only have high bit rate 320 cbr or 256VBR mp3's until FLAC can play on my pioneer dash. The transition from the cassette to 2.5 to bluetooth was very noticeable.

I also got rid of wired headphones that would bother me because it was always hard to find a nice pair of ear buds for the gym, and I didn't want to wear any bulky high end ones, so I settled for Motorola S9 and now S11-HD headphones. Best bluetooth earphones I've used for the gym.

I've played bluetooth audio from my Note 2 and Blackberry Torch and I honestly couldn't notice anything in the car at the same settings. I also had my dad's ipad and played it and didn't notice anything. Same thing for the Sony sound bar I bought him.

Kind of ironice since this is ABIpod site, but I was strongly considering getting an Ipod Touch because of bluetooth. I won't be using the headphone jack, just the bluetooth headphones or in the car. I shouldn't notice a problem with audio quality should I?
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