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Old 12-08-2013, 06:24 AM
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Why i still in my heart have love for ABI still sense after a decade or so.

I got messaged last week after posting the FI-BA-SS review on my site and had to explain that the differences between something rated 7/10 and 10/10 are extremely marginal and almost non existent to a lay person who doesn't know what he is looking for. Another said they were going to buy a cheap car but instead was thinking about just taking a bus and getting the FI-BA

The other thing I get a lot is why are my reviews of most phones positive, well simple fact is that most of what i review is over that price threshold where to be honest pretty much all sound good (bar a review of a POS im putting up this week) and i am just trying to pick out subtle technical abilities which are minor. More major differentiators are the sound sig, the build quality, isolation level, styling and accessories etc

Even more so on the player front. The dx50 is better than the clip sq wise but that is mainly down to the 24bit files.

I think the greatest thing I saw all week a man named rudi claimed ipad air sounds significantly better than the ipad 4 both going through the Line out into a clas and amp. Now thats a dude that seems to drop 4000+ on setups, cables and the like, doesn't know what he is talking about and is certainly only getting the worst of the diminished returns.

The whole hobby has snowballed in the past couple of years and Im not so sure its for the best.

Anyway I digress off topic. lalala
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