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Default Samsung YP-Z5 Rockbox Port

You remember the YP-Z5, the 2006 "Nano-killer"? You thought it was dead?
It isn't! Rockbox is coming to bring your Z5 a new life

Lead developers are Lorenz092 (Italian, YP-R0/YP-R1) and pamaury (French, many Creative, Sansa and Sony players)

You can follow the progress:
-on the Wiki:
-on the IRC:

Actually most of the basic stuff is already working except a huge one: NAND support. This means that nothing can be read and written on/from the flash memory and therefore the port is still unusable.

Although it's impossible to listen to your music files so far, you can already play a bit with the Rockbox UI and even listen to FM radio (if you have a Z5F with FM tuner)
If you follow the instructions carefully, it's really safe, it will load Rockbox into the RAM for one use only. At next startup, the Samsung firmware will load again as usual

1) Download the Z5 Updater from there:
2) Extract the archive and double click on setup.exe
3) When the install is complete, go to your install directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\YP-Z5) and rename to something like
4) Download this modded file containing Rockbox and copy it into the install directory.
5) Connect your Z5 to the PC in recovery mode: press and hold the middle/selection button while plugging the USB cable. Do not release the middle/selection button!
PS: to enter in recovery mode the Z5 needs to be fully off and not in standby mode. Press the reset hole to turn it fully off.
6) Double click on stupdaterapp.exe. Wait a bit. On the Z5 screen you should see "no .rockbox directory" then "installation incomplete" and finally you get the rockbox main menu. Now you can release the middle/selection button and disconnect the USB cable.
Have fun with the settings and the FM radio
When turning it off, it may be frozen on "shutting down...". Just press the reset hole then.

For sure there is not much to see yet but as soon as the NAND driver is ready, Rockbox should be immediately usable! So stay tuned!
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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