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Question Remedy for a Broken Power Button?

I dropped my Clip Zip and the power button doesn't work anymore. Now I have to plug it into my laptop every time I want to turn it on.

Is there a way to reprogram the other buttons so that some combination or long-press will function as the power switch? Or is there a way to fix the power button?
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By any chance, are you within the warranty period for SanDisk to replace (1 year U.S., 2 years EU)?
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I bought it refurbished in the summer, so I don't think there's a warranty.

So my options seem to be...

1) Fix the power button. (Does anyone know how?)

2) Program a another button combination or long-press to act as the power button. (Again, does anyone know how to do this?)

3) Get a new one.

Can anyone give me some guidance on options 1 or 2?
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No experience with your problem but Googled it and there are some results to this search:
-Sansa clip broken power button- have a look.

Also, in Youtube there are demonstration as to how to open this player:
Maybe, if you open it you will be able to do something.
Note the feedbacks to this video - be careful not to break the clip...
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That guy's sure gonna need a manicure after that!
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