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Lightbulb Playlists on C2 - easy and short guide

First, of all, I spent like probably many of you way too much time to get this done. So I think it would be nice to share with other people and spare the pain.
I went with a little unconventional way (so no m3u extended and tempering with file paths). I found a post on D2 forum about playlists and checked and it works nearly the same way for C2 - so kuddos to user rob_981

1. Transfer songs to C2 (in MSC mode) if you haven't done it yet.
2. Switch player on and change to MTP mode.
3. Connect to PC. Go to Windows Explorer.
4. Open the C2 directory in Windows Explorer - you'll get the list of folders currently saved on the C2.
5. Right click on any folder containing music. There should be an option to "Create Playlist". Click that.

6. It should bring up a box with all the songs currently saved in that folder. This is your playlist. There should be three tabs along the top of the box

If you delete all the songs (or the ones you don't want on your playlist at least), you can then just drag and drop any further songs you want on your playlist from ANYWHERE on C2 (either SD Card or Internal Storage, you can mix the two!)

7. You don't need to save your .PLA file in a special folder or anything. The D2 will read it from wherever it's saved.

CRUCIAL THING: all playlists you create must sit somewhere on the internal storage, folder doesn't matter (but I recommend storing PLA files in folder "Playlists" just for the sake of cleanliness). PLA files stored on the SD Card won;t be recognized by C2!!!

8. Finally once you've got all your playlists ready, unplug C2, switch on and go to Library -> Playlists, they should all be there.

- easy, doesn't require additional software
- you can set order of tracks
- allows you to create a playlist that has music from BOTH sources - internal storage and external card

- you have to do it manually, so might be very taxing
- no synchronization with your PC's playlists
- need to update them manually every time
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