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Why earbuds? Is it that you need to hear your surroundings? There aren't many good traditional earbuds still being made, especially low priced ones. The JVC HA-EB75 earbuds with ear hooks is under $10. It has nice treble and a nice midrange(for the price) however it is bass deficient. Boosting the bass on my player's equalizer by 8db makes this quite pleasant to use when I need to hear my surroundings, and don't want to worry about regular traditional earbuds falling out. The Sony MDR-E828 has gone up a bit in price on Amazon to around $12. It sounds quite good at low volumes with good bass, however at higher volumes there is some audible distortion. The Sony MDR-E9LP looks interesting for $8, although I get the feeling it isn't as good as the MDR-E828, as it has smaller drivers and is less efficient. I haven't heard it yet.

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