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Default Who still uses their ZuneHD?

I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic. My 32gig ZuneHD is still kicking and it is still my best music player. Cannot beat the sound quality.

I was on the beta testing team and miss those days of interacting with Dave and the rest of the community.

Really wish MS would have gone further with the development of this cool little device.

Oh well. Best wishes.

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sargaso sargaso is online now
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I've used my 32Gb Zune HD for about 3 years now and also have a Zune Pass. It's still the most used flash memory player I own. I too wish MS would have continued with the zune line.
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I own 2. Still used on a regular basis. Love Zune.
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i still have the zune hd and its working just fine.but unfo i ve used to listen my songs on the cowon and sony players and when i listen an album from the zune it doesnt sound so good like these players.
but the UI is awsome and its like a smart mp3 player
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That is one of the reasons I like my ZuneHD so much because it is a smart mp3 player with games. I have installed every app that was available when I found out they were dropping support. I think I will play a game right now.
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I still use my Zune HD.
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Still use my ZuneHD-64, and even my Zune-120. I recently deleted all of my "subscription" music though, in preparation for the inevitable demise of the service. Microsoft has been slowly picking the Zune Marketplace apart, and I don't think it will be around much longer. I suspect that the Zunes will never be able to sync from XBox Music either, so might as well clean house now.

I purchased a Surface, and set it up with my "Live" account, and set up XBox Music. Some of my Zune subscriptions showed up immediately for streaming, but not all have. I suspect there was some cut-off date.
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I still lover my Zunes! . . . and get picked on. The GUI of the Zune was and still is great! I mean they incorporated it into the WP line up. Apple even mimicked the minimalist style in iOS7.

I use my Z30 at work, Z120 is stored and unused, and both my Z32HD and Samsung Focus WP7 are used daily.
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I have a 16GB Zune HD I still use all the time. I love it. It's a great system to use without streaming, and refreshing smart playlists is a great feature. I use a phone for music sometimes, too, but mine is way too big, heavy and a battery waster.
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