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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
I spend well over an hour about 5 different times over the course of 2 days listening to them on a Woo GES. While they don't have uber bass lows they cover the sound spectrum from low to high very respectable and are very clear with a fantastic sound stage. The build quality is second to none, I've never had a more comfortable/enjoyable listening experience with any other headphone that I recall as well. That said, if I just won a huge lotto prize (millions) I wouldn't spend that kind of money on any headphone. I would rather buy a new amp because mines older than grandma and new speakers but that's about it.

BTW, My first pair of expensive headphones were Teledyne electrostatic headphones. Yes I know they were ugly as sin, but fun to hear at that time. While I can not remember what I paid for them and the amp combo, I assure you it wasn't more than $100.00 bucks.
did you also tried the lcd3?
he-60 or he500
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