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Originally Posted by Steel View Post
Good choice. I've had my Galaxy for a few days now, and if you liked the S9, then I'm sure you'll like the Galaxy. When I got mine, the first thing I did was transfer different video formats onto it to see what it was compatible with. Lo and behold, it played every single one, including Youtube FLVs. No more converting!

The only downside is that it's MUCH bigger and heavier, but the screen is larger, and it has 2 cameras, so it makes sense.

Makes sense. Cowon is old news now. I haven't kept track of their products since the J3, but after taking a quick look at, it looks like I haven't missed anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they closed all of their overseas branches sometime soon.

Actually, writing this post just reminded me of a thread I made on iAudiophile a while ago (link) (my username is Calculator on that forum). I think it's safe to say bye-bye to Cowon.
thank you for your opinion I will for sure going to get a S3 fact I will have it tomorrow in my hands! as for S9 and Cowon it is sad but true...they are both rest in peace! android typhoon has made many disasters to many companies
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