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Default F20 + 128GB SSD works!

I retired my main F series DAP several years ago (keeping an "F8" 8GB CF modded device that was used occasionally + my kids each had an F series that they used and eventualy shelved). But after some frustration with my Cowon D3 ie. poor battery life and the desire for a large HDD-based DAP again, I looked into a 128GB SSD for "Old Reliable". Pushed the button on a Kingspec KSD-CF-18.6-128MS and it worked like a charm!

Wanted to document, in case anyone else is considering the same and I posted something similar over in the Rockbox fourms as well (one Rockbox forum member actually had some issues before I tried this myself, so be aware of that).

- Opened the F20 and connected it to my Ubuntu 13.10 system, then powered up and let it fail as is the normal procedure. Then I connected the Kingspec to the F20 and Ubuntu then saw the drive. I then ran GPARTED, removed the existing partition (I think it was NTFS) and created a single FAT32 partition in its place.

- I had a backup of the original V3 Gigabeat firmware, so I copied that entire GBSYSTEM folder over. Then I unmounted, disconnected the device and powered off / on (I think I actually turned off / on the battery as well). Gigabeat firmware came up after a short delay so that worked.

So once I got the Gigabeat 3.0 firmware baseline in place, it was just a matter of running the RockboxUtility software (I did this on a Windows box as that's where my main audio library is) rebooting again and Rockbox is up and running.

Been good for a few days so far but I haven't done a heavy run on battery life yet - I'm assuming it should be at least similar to a HDD if not a bit better?

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