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You may need to update the firmware. Looking at the release notes there was an update that made the podcasts and audiobooks visible in the user interface If you're on a firmware before that fix that's most likely the problem.

I would determine if you have a V1 or V2 Fuze following the directions here. Then you can go here for directions on how to do a manual update and links to the latest firmware. Those are the ones at the bottom of that post.

I avoid the sansa updater as it's useless. All it does is eat up resources on you PC as it listens for updates that will almost certainly never happen. Most often when there were firmware updates it would fail to apply them anyway.

I've never known genre tagging to make a difference once the files were in the Audiobook or Podcasts folder. Everything I've put there with the right firmware show up in the Music menu. Having said that, it still won't hurt to make sure your tags are in order.

Good tagging software is a must for me. Windows File Properties will write tags but it's capabilities are limited. The software Priell recommends MP3Tag is much better. MP3Tag is freeware but contributions are accepted and welcome. It's misnamed as it handles just about any audio file you can throw at it.

It may be that Windows File Properties can't edit the file because it's marked Read Only. Windows doesn't warn you of that but if MP3Tag can't write a tag it give you a message that tells you why not. It will also usually offer you easily understood options to deal with the problem.
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