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Originally Posted by Nausicaa View Post
I used their Betas IEM... if you can call them those. They're just earphones in an IEM container. Don't believe me? Take out the supplied rubber and put it in your ear. Same sound.

Its such a sham, and I have no idea why they get such praise. I see a lot of their designs have the same look, its just a cheap earphone with a tip to put your rubber piece in.
Maybe the design choice was to give it a good, airy, soundstage? I don't understand why it would be a sham. Dynamic IEMs areearphones. They have a speaker or two that make the air waves that go into the ear. There is no rules how closed it have to be to be called an IEM.

I have seen a frequency response chart of the betas and they have more energy at 20Hz than would be expected from an earbud. So, I'm guessing that the IEM design does something to the sound.

I don't have the betas and can't defend them. I have had the R1 for a week and really liked them for the 23 that I paid for them.

From what I have read it seems possible that Brainwavz has more QC issues than bigger companies. This might also apply to other small companies. When I started to buy IEMs, everything from Sony, Denon, JVC, Panasonic and Philips worked perfectly. Then I ordered from two smaller companies (Xears and Earjax) and got faulty drivers... And decided that I won't order IEMs from any small companies.

(Then a year later I ordered the SoundMAGIC E10 because it was so much praised here, and having a positive experience with it, I ordered the Brainwavz R1, that also works fine.)
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