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Default Amp Suggestions

Hi, I currently use modded Fostex T50RP and UE TF 10. Source is Clip + for 70% of time and remaining I play off my laptop. Clip drives both of them fine but volume on Fostex is low when plugged into laptops. Would an amp/dap make a noticeable difference in this setup ? If so is E17 is a good option for neutral sound I prefer as there is some nice deal going on currently, may be stock clearance. Thanks

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The Fiio E10, USB/DAC/Amp sells for around $63
Sony E474
Beyer T70
Beyer DT880 600-Ohm
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I wouldn't bother.
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You need to be a little careful, some amps are excellent and can really add when using a decent source and decent headphones but some cheaper ones can actually be detrimental to the sound. The likes of Beyerdynamic A20, Lehmann Rhinelander are stunning.
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The FiiO stuff is what I use. (I myself have a MrSpeakers Mad Dog, which is a modded Fostex T50RP variant.) It's good for the money and -- if you get the E07K or E17 -- provides nifty tone controls on top of the added volume. I wouldn't spend too much, though, as the Fostex 'phones just aren't that comparatively hard to drive.
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Like most products you tend to get increasing sound quality and durability with increasing cost, but there will be a point where the law of diminishing returns kicks in, as I found when selecting amp/ dac's recently. I decided to buy the best I could justify to my wife lol, but I'm really happy with my Chord Hugo which is a combined dac and amp with rechargable battery. Looks pretty cool too....

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