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Originally Posted by Odwsseus View Post
Are you sure : it says "Beware h1x0 and h3x0 original iriver firmware does not like the CF cards" ?

I would love to have a confirmation, before trying this mod : I do need th OF to get USB OTG feature (don't ask me why).

I have iRiver H340 with 1.29k iRiver firmware and with current Rockbox. Last week I removed the original Toshiba 40GB HDD and replaced it with:

50 pin to CF adapter>CF to SD adapter>microSDXC (formatted to FAT32) in full size SD adapter.

It runs Rockbox fine (nice quick reads, no disk noise, no more clicks and crackles from system) but just like in the wiki the OF doesn't see the disk.

Previously I tested with 50 pin to CF adapter>CF card with both H340 and H140 and in each case the OF does not see a disk but Rockbox works fine.

I believe tigertom2003uk was mistaken.
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