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Thanks skip252. You are so correct when you said "those may be from people that don't know how to get a good seal with IEMs". I just did a comparison with the Zune V2 Premium, Klipsch S4, and Sennheiser CX300-II in case anyone is interested.

Player: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
Song: "Smooth" - Santana - Supernatural Album
App: Poweramp with equalizer set to Rock, Tone option on with Bass = 1/3 way up, Treble boost = none, Steroe X = none

My opinion is that the Vita headset sound quality is better than the Zune V2 with a little more bass. Not as much bass as the Klipsch S4, but a little more mid-range clarity. A richer, fuller sound than the Sennheiser CX300-II.

It also has a rubberized anti-tangle cord that cuts back on unwanted noise from movement.
I didn't buy the Vita headset for music, but had a pair lying around and thought to give them a try.

I will add (off-topic) that I'm probably much older than the rest of you and retired from 26 years in audio and electronics work relating to voice recordings for the blind. I've lost a bit of my high-frequency hearing abilities but used to be able to hear up to 16k. In those days, some equipment had a lot of high end noise that most people couldn't hear.
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