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The OCX685i does NOT work as intended for me. Could be a bad pair, but doubt it as it has almost no Bass even when plugged in my laptop. Actually, the package does state that the unit is designed for Apple products. Sennheiser says it should work-but that was a guess on their part during a phone call with their excellent tech staff.
Anyone needing a great replacement pair with an earclip might give the Sennheiser OMX680 a try. This is not the current model group-but the pair I have are working great as the replacement for my trusty OMX70s.
In the case of the Clip+ I would suggest making sure that you do not get a pair of headphones that have the Mic built in. The OMX 680 does have a removeable volume control that is very small and is OK.

Hope this helps others.
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