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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
The reason I didn't recommend Rockbox is I've raised kids. JanKan has twins that just came into the family last year and they're already familiar with mypodder. There's enough other things to do without adding figuring out how to get Rockbox working and possibly learning how to setup new software. Especially when there's a firmware available that's considered among the best when it comes to podcasts that only require a single resume point per file. Rockbox is there if you need more but if you don't the sandisk firmware gets the job done with minimal effort.
As a father of two I wouldn't be fearful of RB (Rockbox). I think i browsed the manual once and everything else was intuitive, skip exaggerates imo.

I usually listen to my Cowon players but yesterday I dusted off the clizpzip as I was preparing it for a friend to try out. You know what? I found the original sansa firmware more confusing... as it had been over a year or so I found RB more user friendly and straight forward. Just don't go tinkering with menu items you don't understand and u'll be fine.
Also RB sound quality was immediately better to my ears, I tweaked the bass up ever so slightly and loved what I was hearing...

Originally Posted by mamamia88 View Post
Sure but the you deal with waiting for a refresh everytime you add podcasts. And it takes less than 5 minutes to install. Not to mention super fine grain speed controls for listening to podcasts quicker. Id still reccomend a android or ipod touch for podcasts though seeing how you can download podcasts directly without the computer middleman.
^ This. Even after i put just 10 songs on the player I was getting pissed off with the dumb sansa firmware refresh library... really 2 mins for 10 songs wtf?! I went into RB updated library, bam done in 3 secs.
The refresh library is a joke on OF, its reason enough to go RB above everything else.
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