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Can you download games such as angry birds without google? Is there a manual way to get them on? I'd rather not open an account if I don't have to.
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Does anyone know how to update google play to version 4.1.10?
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Default cowon z2

thanks Google Play works perfectly
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Default cowon Z2

installed and worked perfectly after 5mins, THX billys
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Originally Posted by nyceyes View Post
I had the same issue too after enabling both of the above (meaning, I still got the same error message you mentioned). On a hunch, I also made the following change which worked for me....

I went to the stock Cowon web browser, and in the settings *for the browser application itself*, I changed the "User-Agent" setting from "Default" to "Froyo". Then I tried to add my Google account again, and it immediately worked.

Once working, I changed that browser setting back to "Default" (just because ) as well as disable Android "Automatic Updates" too, as that consumes batteries unnecessarily.

This probably worked because underneath the covers, the Google Username/Password authentication step probably inherits the "User-Agent" setting of the stock web browser when it sends your information over to Google, and who knows that is for the "Default" settings (... perhaps something unrecognizable to Google).

I hope this helps you or someone else.
Thank you so much for the Google Play info, especially to Jenny777 and nyceyes. I NEVER would have figured out the "User Agent" switch myself! One additional question, though: I'd like to disable the Android automatic updates as you suggest, but haven't found the right menu item for that. Can you advise?

Thanks again.
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This needs to be addressed for the most recent firmware update. 4.41, I believe. I'm getting a strange error message:

Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server.
This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.

I have tried it with two different gmail accounts; one is connected to my phone already (I'm unsure if this is relevant) and the other is a throwaway. I also attempted to create a new account, this failed as well.

I tried the aforementioned "default browser settings>user agent>defaults changed to froyo" technique. No luck. The only thing that changed is that now a pop-up notification tells me that YouTube has stopped unexpectedly (which I had side-loaded beforehand).

I also tried installing the latest version (4.4.21) of the Google Play Store after all of this. The Z2 rejected the .apk (code: -104).

I know it's an old player now, but I'm sure others are hitting these same issues too. Any feedback would be very appreciated.

Last edited by JFGrijalva; 12-01-2013 at 09:48 PM. Reason: added more technical details.
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I'm having the same problem as the previous poster. I have firmware 4.41 and my Cowon Z2 says "can't establish a reliable data connection to the server".

I did all the steps as described even changed the default setting in normal browser to froyo.

Can anyone help?
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