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Sorry, I was under the impression that you were using the OF to view the player in Explorer. If the OF is working that's what I'd use. The last few times I've seen someone with a USB problem that's what the Rockbox developers have suggested.

USB can be buggy for some in Rockbox, especially on the CZ. It's listed among the known issues. USB locks up on me when I use certain themes. Others run the same themes and have rock solid USB support. As long as I don't use those themes my CZ connect reliably every time with Windows, Linux and Macs. I prefer a reliable connection to eye candy so I don't use the themes I know gives me USB problems.

I've had file corruption issues when it's locked up during file transfer so that may be part of your problem. I'd check the disk for errors and fix any if they're found. It may help and sure can't hurt.
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