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Default J3 Dead

Used my J3 yesterday am... turned it off when done.

Tried to turn the J3 on in the evening... completely dead.
1. Wept like a small child for several minutes.
2. Tried RESET many times... no luck.
3. Connected to computer... still dead - no computer connection.
4. Decided to let the J3 charge overnight.

I woke up about 3am... J3 still dead... cried myself to sleep.

After breakfast (I made my world famous waffles.) I decided to pull the J3 apart and check the battery, but as a last resort... I hit the reset a few more times... and... yep, it's working fine. Sorry, but I can't tell whether it was the profuse weeping or the waffles that did the trick.

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I would wake up if somebody made waffles.
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thanks eddie44! your solution (if you could call it that) worked for me.

similar scenario - was listening to my j3 - don't think the battery was low - unlocked it to select a new song, and it just died in my arms. power button did nothing. didn't panic, brought it home, connected it to pc, nothing. showed no signs of charging and pc didn't know it existed. tried the reset button umpteen times. tried tcctool, kept getting the "Could not find any USB busses" error. did some more googling, found your post and thought ah...i'll try that. so i left it charging for about 24 hours, tried another reset and bingo! like nothing ever happened. happy days hi
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dead, j3

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