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Hmm I would mostly say it's all about opinions. At first, I didn't like touchwiz at all. (GB touchwiz was slow, sluggish, and ugly) Also the lack of updates is something what I wanted to absolutely remove(no support after 3 months is really a joke). I'm no audiophile but once I started using newer JB builds for my SGP 4.0, I realized a difference in sound between it and GB. Sure as @skip252 said the learning curve for all that modding stuff is beyond some.

Still as some of you said, since ICS and up, it looks like the manufacturers have listened and begins to make something that somewhat closer to stock (like sense for example).
Although Samsung is continuing to refine touchwiz, some will still find that it's interface is too much cartoony and not serious enough

Well people will still find something bad to say about everything....
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