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Question What's the best Stereo Bluetooth Headset?

So far I've seen positive things for the Samsung HS3000, Sony SBH20 and Jabra Clipper.

Are there any better ones? I want to use it with a Galaxy S3.

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The only ones I've heard recently and listened to long enough to form an opinion are the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32. They weren't bad at all. I think most would consider them light on bass but I found with a few tweaks in EQ they were decent enough. They paired quickly and reliably. Once they were paired I didn't experience any drop outs in sound.

They use a 3.5mm to USB cable to charge. I liked that you can use a standard 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male cable to listen if you run out of battery power. The sound quality went up enough to notice when I listened using the cable but I wouldn't call it night and day.

I'm used to on ears so I didn't have a problem with comfort. They were cushioned nicely and well made. The person that lent them to me did that as part of a possible trade and said they made their ears sweaty. They mostly listen to earbuds and IEMs so it may be they just didn't like anything resting on the outside of their ears.

We didn't work out the trade mainly because they wanted close to MSRP and they were red. If they had been the black or even the black and red I might have gone for it.
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I've tried many bluetooth headsets and I always come back to using a wired headset to bluetooth adapter like the Sony Ericsson MW600. Although you can now find much better alternatives, the Sony SBH20 is a decent dongle, but lacks the added features of the MW600. The main killer feature for me is the ability to pair my MW600 to 3 devices and switch between them on the go. I'm hard pressed to notice any real loss in audio quality, given the benefit of functionality gained from the dongle I just couldn't care The main issue with the MW600 is that it has really sensitive buttons and there's no key lock switch! I only trust Sony to make a decent bluetooth dongle however, I have heard some terrible bluetooth dongles by other companies. Maybe Samsung makes a decent dongle these days, but they didn't 4 years ago and Sony has always been great.

Full bluetooth headphones I've owned are the Sennheiser MM-450 (Still have), Harman Kardon BT (Still have), Parrot Zik's (Sold), Sony DR-BTN200W(Sold), Sony DR-BT21 and some creatives that I can't seem to recall their name (Sold). None of these really are worth the extra cost of the headset themselves, even with the benefit of no wires, noise canceling or other features.

The MM450's are probably the best in terms of sound quality and functionality that I'd personally want from a bluetooth headset, even though they aren't the APT-X version. I could also easily live without the noise canceling feature, since it adds quite a lot to the price. Also the non headset versions could be considered, since the microphone on the MM450's is terrible. The Harman Kardons sound great and all but their design is terrible, and have a hard time offering a proper seal, better for at home listening or listening in a quiet place. Havn't been able to sell them, oh well

Parrot Zik's are kind of ridiculous, over complicated in features, design and really overpriced. Sounded as good as the Harman Kardon's in a general kind of "feel good" way. Just not good enough for the price you pay for em. Sony's are nice for their price, but weren't as clear as my Sennheisers and weren't as portable, still a decent set if you can dig the Sony sound. The Creatives were a bit janky, from hardware clicking noises while walking to just plain old "Meh" in every perceivable way, cost just as much as the Sony's too.
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Thanks for all your help, I think I'm going to get the Sony SBH20 to use with my RHA's.
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thanks Jack - i like the sound of the Sony SBH20 - have been thinking of getting a bt dongle to use with my phone now i use this as my main audio player
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