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I said
until I check the disk for errors, correct them and change to a theme that works in my case.
in that order because if there's disk problems changing the theme won't make a difference. Once the disk problems are fixed changing the theme avoids having more issues on the disk.

Checking for disk problems is done with either the built in error checking facility under the Properties=>Tools menu you find when viewing a disk or "chkdsk" in Windows. You can check a disk using "fsck.vfat" in Linux. I've found Windows does a better job for me but once again YMMV.

The sansa Updater is a useless, buggy POS. All it does is eat up processing cycles looking for firmware updates that will probably never occur. When there have been updates it usually failed to install them. If it did actually install the sansa firmware it would remove the Rockbox bootloader so there's nothing it will ever help with a Rockbox problem. If you have it installed anywhere I'd remove it.

There's a couple of ways to get around the OF database refresh. You can simply hold the power button until it shuts off. When you boot again the Rockbox bootloader calls Rockbox first. Rockbox then boots and you don't have to deal with the database refresh. Some people have expressed concern over possible file corruption but I've done it hundreds of times with no problems.

The other is to take advantage of how Rockbox is able to view all files and folders on a disk. You follow the directions Progweed posted here. Those directions are for the Fuze. The amount of space to leave varies by device. I never needed to do that on a Clip Zip so I'm not sure what it would be.

Rockbox does need a little working space so you don't want to fill the disk completely. On a Fuze I found if I left ~12 MB that was enough to let the Rockbox database refresh. You'll probably need to experiment to find what works on a Clip Zip.

Not being a developer I can't say if USB connectivity will ever be reliable for everyone. I can say the problem has been around for years. I think a breakthrough that fixes it in every case is possible but there's no way to say if or when that might occur.
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