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Also be aware of 2 things . . .

  1. A number of people have reported problems when using Class 10 cards with their newer Sansa players (Clip+. Clip Zip, Fuze+). You may encounter the same problem with an older player like the e200 series. These cards are designed for use in high speed/definition cameras, not mp3 players. Class 4 cards seem optimal.
  2. The e200 series has a very limited database due to its age. Something around 2,000 tracks if I recall correctly. Unless you install and use Rockbox, you will not be able to use all the memory space you have with that large of a card. I have a 16GB one in my e280 (8GB) and while in total I have 3200 or so tracks on it, there are many that I've never heard play while in shuffle mode (using the OF). I'm sure this is a result of the aforementioned database limitation.
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