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Default Rockbox + MicroSD?

Hey fellas, just got my e260 today so some questions

1. Via rockbox, I can use any size (upto 64gb since thats where the normal price stops haha) and have as much as songs as I want, and it will work (shuffle, etc) right?
2. Does it matter which Class I buy, in case of using it for my sansa?
3. Will a class 10 work fine in it, as Im deciding to get a class 10, and maybe in the future use it for my phone?
4. Will those micro sdhc work too?
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The class rating of the card only means something during file transfer. Everything that occurs inside the player is slower than the lowest class rating so which class card you use isn't important once it's in the player.

Even for file transfer the class rating doesn't mean much. Transfer speed is controlled by the internal memory of the player and that's fairly slow. I max out at ~2.5 Mbps on my E250. If I were filling a card that large I'd use a card reader as they are usually much faster.

A 64 GB microsdhc card should work once it's formatted FAT32. They comes as formatted exFAT and Rockbox can't use that file system. Windows won't format it the way you need. You need a tool like GUIFormat.
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Also be aware of 2 things . . .

  1. A number of people have reported problems when using Class 10 cards with their newer Sansa players (Clip+. Clip Zip, Fuze+). You may encounter the same problem with an older player like the e200 series. These cards are designed for use in high speed/definition cameras, not mp3 players. Class 4 cards seem optimal.
  2. The e200 series has a very limited database due to its age. Something around 2,000 tracks if I recall correctly. Unless you install and use Rockbox, you will not be able to use all the memory space you have with that large of a card. I have a 16GB one in my e280 (8GB) and while in total I have 3200 or so tracks on it, there are many that I've never heard play while in shuffle mode (using the OF). I'm sure this is a result of the aforementioned database limitation.
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