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I've no idea what's happening. You certainly have enough experience to accurately report what you see and I know what I'm seeing when I reset the date to 2000. Maybe someone with more experience will have an explanation.

I'm going to say that I can confirm it on my SG 4.0. As your experience is different that seems to indicate there's something else in play I that isn't obvious to me. It won't hurt anyone that finds this thread to try it and it might help.

I've tried it with a couple of Android tablets and phones and the results vary. They all give security certificate warnings that clear up when I reset the date. The SG 4.0 is the only one that won't access the Play store. The others do but Google Hangouts says it needs to be updated. A rooted Nook Color running CM Mod 10.1 just keeps working as if nothing's changed except for the security certificate warning on some sites.
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