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Thanks Skip252, dave61430, and Mikerman for the info, and for (ugh) confirming some of my fears.

Earlier this week I say a guy with a smartphone (probably an iPhone, couldn't tell from the distance), listening to music with earbuds. It looked so big and clunky compared to the Clip. :-P I mean, sure, sexiness and look-how-cool-I-look-fondling-the-touchscreen, and 'the most advanced' blah blah... but definitely not for me, who basically want to listen to music and podcasts hands-free, and without breaking the bank (piggy-bank, in my case).

I know smartphones have their uses (to us and the NSA, lol), and I'm no luddite, but I don't need my DAP to do the dishes, mow the lawn, or give me a foot massage... I just like it to be compact, lightweight, out-of-the-way (i.e. clip it and go), and a decent screen that lets me browse my files. The Clip is all of that and more (and much MUCH more Rockboxed).

I have to admit I've gotten too spoiled by the Clip... like I said, I'll probably just keep on buying them as long as retailers have them, until something else comes along eventually (hopefully).

I remember the first DAP I bought--not for me, but as a present to my nephew--a Creative Zen 8GB. It looked sweet, but in less than a month my nephew started having problems with it... RMA'd it, and the replacement eventually had the same issues. Creative Labs boards were no help, except to learn that many people were grumbling about the same things, not to mention Creative's basically nonexistent support. Like they say, once burned, twice shy, so I kept my distance from all DAPs after that.

It wasn't until much later, after reading ABI's articles and forums that I dared to try it once more with the Clip. What a world of difference! And I had nothing to envy those guys fondling their Apple doohickeys. I have to thank all of you guys for that. :-]

I'll take a peek at the Phillips devices later today, see what they got.
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