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Originally Posted by dryhte View Post
How do these stack up against the Phonak Audéo PFE you reviewed here? (both absolute quality and value for money-wise I guess)
First off I did not write that review, was written by dfkt and it’s an excellent review IMHO. AFAIK the Phonak’s are great IEMs but you can not compare them to the M-Duo’s, a better comparison would be to the MEE A151 or A161P as these all use balance armatures. As stated, the Phonak’s use single armature drivers where the M-Duo’s use two dynamic drivers. Both types of drivers are fun to use and I own many dynamic driver headphones which I now find the M-Duo to be the best of the ones I own, that said I have numerous balanced armature IEMs which are far better but way more expensive and a different sound all together. Dynamic drivers typically provide a fuller bodied sound signature with less detail, precision and speed than balanced armatures deliver. You can google it and read up on the two technologies to keep this reply short … But for the price these are some fun IEMs. Hope that answer’s your question …

Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Great review WalkGood. I'll pass on them though, as I'm no longer into such a "V" shaped sq. I'm now a fan of mids,...go figure.
TDS I hear you and I too am a mids lover, have been for a very long time. Possibly I didn’t do a good job relaying that it is a very minor V shaped sound signature. It’s hard to identify without looking at a sound graph as the woofer and tweeter drivers do a very acceptable job of covering the mids with the M-Duo’s. I’d say most wouldn’t even notice it but IIRC you don’t like IEMs rather full size cans or did you start using IEMs?

Originally Posted by Jeven View Post
Nice review - I'm looking for something to replace my Sony XBA-2s which aren't particularly good.
AFAIK your sony’s are dual balance armatures and these would be a different sound signature than them. As stated above dynamic drivers are not as detailed as BA’s so you might not be happy with these, a better comparison would be the A161P or other balanced armature IEMs. One thing to note is that Sony makes their own BA drivers instead of using Knowles which are the best one’s made IMHO. Knowles are used in all high end IEMs that use BA’s. That said, I have not personally tested the Sony’s so I don’t know the sound signature other than reading others reviews.

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