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You might want to wait for the new E580 series to arrive in the US (I'm assuming you are). That has a rated battery life of 77 hours which is considerably more than the E460 used to give (rated 50 hours).

I have the E470 series with rated 36 hours of battery life, and since I've bought it I haven't had any issues with battery life. I just use EQ on it, all the rest of the enhancements are turned off. The biggest improvement of battery life I have come across is when you turn the brightness down to a lower setting, I use it at 1 only because when I'm indoors I can clearly see everything. As CDMP3PlayerFan mentioned above, I've also set my Screen off Timer at 15 seconds. Battery Care is also on for me as I want my Walkman to last a long time.

Sadly there aren't any info whether the E580 will be available as a 32GB, but the E585 is 16GB. Even if you skip tracks more often I don't it will hurt the battery life much, try the brightness settings and you'll see the differences.

(I actually use a LOD to bypass the internal amp and use a dedicated amp with my Walkman, so I get a huge amount of battery life, almost double I think, it's my amp that runs out of juice before my Walkman does.)
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