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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
When Java is disabled on my mobile chrome browser I have no bookmarks/favorites. The shitty ad bar creates more problems than it's worth.
hope some of this helps someone.
i try most popular browsers to find the one that works best for certain sites. not all browsers work on all sites. example, opera browser is not compatible with face book, not that i care or use face book, but it's fact. also yahoo does not like opera. i like opera and have 3 different builds of it in my pc for different sites/reasons. i also kept internet exploder. i have fire fox, but refuse to use google chrome as they hand over search records to feds. some thing like every 3rd search they get a hit on goes to the feds. so if they are so willing to not protect your privacy, (even before any laws came to be on the matter) then i can not trust them doing any thing online and personally i can't stand its interface (gui) or lack of features and controls. be careful what you "google"! flags are set on you if a certain word is used and then you will be followed closely.
some browser are just someone elses browser with a hat on it.
all browsers have security holes in them and bugs.

on my pc:
i use an old copy (primary browser) of opera v7.24 for sites i don't want cookies/java/java script.
i use (secondary) v12.xx for sites w/shopping carts/cookies/java/java script.
i installed newest build of opera v15.xx and it like this add... bites a big one.
i use (thirdly) firefox current for sites incompatible with opera.
i use (next to never) internet exploder if i have to.
also i use peer blocker to weed out bad html codes and bad ip's and hijacks and other bad thing that people try to do to us.
and zone alarm firewall as its a 2 way packet sniffer with the best atni-virus (kaspersky) and is free.

on my droid:
never used the built in browser, being it came from googles operating system, i dont trust it at all.
added opera mobile and opera mini and firefox.
so far the firefox seems to work best on the sites i use. i don't try to surf the web on a 7 " screen much at all and loose most of the content because i'm on a tablet form factor.

anyway, back to topic, the add blows... and it sounds like its driving what few people that use this place away. it's a shame that there is no control given to the site owner as far as the software he is using.
if it were me, i would change out forum software and be done with the clowns thats maybe costing business.


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