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Default Nwa3000 now dead

Its gone this time even a new battery and the reset button couldnt save it,shame cos it was a good player,now looking to replace it for work with either a 30gb unit or buy a new one 80gb for best and take my creative to work. Decisions,decisions..........
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Whoa mate that's quite an old player, if you want 30GB though you can rule out Walkmen if you're from the US, only 16GBs are available.

You might as well switch to Sansas, a Clip+/Clip Zip might do the trick. They have a card slot and can support a max 64GB microSD card. Suggesting them because it looks like you only want to use it for music, like you did with the NWA3000. Battery life's around 10 hours, more or less. You may try rockboxing (free firmware) it, will enable you a ton of features (FLAC playback as well). Best thing is, this setup will be quite cheap.
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