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Default Better headphones ruin your music?

Hi all a while back i picked up a Creative Zen Vision M. It's my first dap. the stock headphones that came with it weren't that great so i upgraded to the marsh mellows. Well after a while i started to notice i enjoyed certain songs less and less. Before i enjoyed songs without thinking about it to much. the quality wasn't that great but I didn't notice things that really bother me now.

Listening to songs now i can hear everything, little pops and scratches in music, when synthesizers play samples i can hear the hiss from a sample having a tiny amount of hiss noise when its cut into the song. I'm becoming over analytical of music, i didn't know so many obvious noises and things of the sort would be mixed into a final cut on an album. Things like string talk on guitars and sounds of instruments themselves add to the song. I'm not expecting it to be perfect but I'm discovering the music industry leaves alot of crap on tracks (from listening to the CD directly so its nothing in between causing it)

Is this the same case for anyone else who switched from old stuff to high fidelity? Or just a case of ignorance is bliss?
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Yes, it's the same for me. I hardly can bear listening to 128kbps MP3s anymore. Good phones not only enhance the actual music, but also the mistakes from bad encoding or, as you mentioned, even the ones made in the studio while recording.
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If you experienced that with mallows, you would be shocked by some high quality phones. The good side to better phones is that you REALLY enjoy the music that is nicely recorded/mix/mastered.
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Actually better kit all round can cost you a fortune.

When I upgraded my home Hifi, I could hear just how flat and lacking in dynamics were the CDs that I had.

I had to upgrade them all over the years as the Digital remasters came out.

In total I have owned the Dark Side of the Moon in six different versions.

1 Cassette tape
2 Vinyl Album
3 Half speed master on imported vinyl
4 CD
5 Remastered CD
6 SACD re-remastered
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i recommend some ep-630's instead.
i never new how great latin music sounded with these, why is it?
like reggaeton it sounds soo much better with these.
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