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Originally Posted by Slimbo View Post
I didn't do blind testing but was able to a/b the AK 120 against my Olive O4hD music server at home as well as in my car. Compared to my Olive playing the same tracks the Wolfson Dac's had a smooth sound much like very good analogue I've always liked the sound of the olive but this is just better and more lifelike to my ears. Of course the Ak 120 doesn't have he 2 tb's of storage the olive has but with sd cards I will be able to download 64 gb playlists. In my car playing on aux it just blows away the iPod classic loaded with apple lossless files. As a bonus I am able to put it in my pocket and listen to superb sound anywhere. I m well aware of the coloration and limits of my x 10 iem's and own a number of other headphones including senheisser momentum's as well as denon overears. I plan on looking at new iem's soon. My home audio is a Luxman 505 ux, rega RP 6, the olive, a Denon 2910 for sacd and Spendor S8e speakers.
You can really tell a difference in your car? Seriously? That's about the last place I'd choose to evaluate sound quality.

Or wasn't the engine on?
panem et circenses
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