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Originally Posted by Latina View Post
Hi - I hope someone can help me soon as I am addicted to my player, and it's suddenly stopped working!

It appears to be playing tracks, and videos, just fine. But the sound has vanished. Instinctively I tried it with a different pair of headphones, and it's definitely the player that's the problem.

However, I also realised that the volume functionality has disappeared. When I press either of the volume buttons there is no sign of the volume symbols appearing on the display.

Also of note is that the sound comes out just fine when I plug it into my Sony speaker dock, which is not connected through the headphone jack but the USB socket.

If the problem is with the headphone jack (which was my first thought given that it connects through the USB but not headphones), then why is the volume also not appearing?

And more to the point, is there anything I can do to solve this short of sending it away to be fixed/replaced?

Many thanks!
Sorry to be so late to the party, but...

It has moisture in the pins on the chip, or the silly port on the bottom. It needs to be dried out.

Here's how you do it: (here's how I fixed mine)

Use a pin to clean the crap out of the port on the bottom. It's probably stuffed with moist pocket lint and chip crumbs. See if the thing works now. If this fixes it, you can skip the following steps.


Plug it into a good old linux box and COPY everything to some spare partition.

Make sure it's sitting someplace dry and warm, like the right side of your laptop keyboard. Let it sit over night, charging.

At this point it should be warm to the touch. This is good. We're trying to get the water vapor out of the tiny little pins on the chip.

The next morning, delete all of the music from it.

Now that it is empty of music, COPY everything back onto it, as fast as possible, and fill it with stuff until you get a "disk full" or "out of space" error. The chips should be heating up and the case should feel warm. This is good. If you are using a windows box, this may fail. The point here is to get it hot. This is where MTP fails. It needs to be just another device, eg hdc1 or something for good straight copying.

Once the copy operation is done, go have a cup of tea and grab the days groceries and newspapers. Time is a very serious element here. The water vapor needs to slowly escape the confines of the plastic casing. If you have the little pointy screwdriver and the skill, removing the plastic casing can expedite this job.

If you like, delete everything and copy it back on. It's good for the chip. Do this as many times as necessary. Heat makes the water evaporate.

Once dinner is made, everyone is fed, and the kids are in bed, eject/unmount the device.

Try it out. I bet the water vapor has gone from the pins, and it works. It worked for me.
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