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Alright, I've made further changes. I've increased the size of the album art, and reduced the number of metadata lines, on both targets, in a fashion that I feel is a lot more balanced. I've updated the screenshots in the OP.

The Fuze+ theme now displays track number and title, artist name, and album title. By default, if the album title is short enough, the release date is displayed next to the album title. If the title is too long, only the album title is displayed. When you press pause, the last line will show the release date, as well as the codec name and bitrate.

That behavior can be changed without editing the theme files: by default, the themes set the "status bar" preference (in the theme settings menu) to "false". That has no incidence on the actual status bar however, as it is always disabled in the SBS/WPS/FMS anyway. But I use it as a simple way of changing the behavior of the WPS: if you manually change that setting to either "Top" or "Bottom", the release date will always be displayed next to the album title. Only the codec name and bitrate will be shown when pressing pause.

The iPod Classic themes alway display the release date and the codec name and bitrate on the last line.

On both the Fuze+ and the iPod Classic targets, pressing pause will also replace the artist line with the value of "album artist", if it is present (artist otherwise).

I've figured out a way to detect the font size and deal with that, instead of dealing with certain fonts specifically. Now, there are two sets of alignments and placements: one for font size <= 14, and another for sizes >= 15.

All the themes are meant to be used with either 14-Nimbus or 19-Nimbus, available in the Rockbox font pack, available here. Other fonts will work as well.

I know that some people prefer having tons of information displayed on screen, but I don't share that preference. Famous French aviator and writer/artist Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was quoted as saying, “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. That's exactly how I feel. The result is visually pleasing to me, and I have pretty much all the information I need.

Again, the updated themes are available on I'll update them on the Rockbox website later.
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