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Default C2 - PC connection problem

Hi guys,

So I just got the C2 to replace my dead D2+.

Unfortunately I have run into a problem before I even got a chance to try it out

When I connect the C2 to my PC it does not appear in connected devises or pop up at all when I connect it. I have tryed it on two different PCs with the same result.

Does anybody have any good ideas?

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I remember others having this problem because of the cable not being fully inserted into the player. When I look at the C2 subforum I see a few posts like this one Apparently the USB port is really tight and requires more force that you would expect to get a good connection on the first insertion.
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I just tried it again to be sure - but im pretty sure the cable is fully inserted.

It charges just fine but just does not show on my PC.
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I had the problem constantly with my old J3 and it drove me nuts. I have a different J3 now and an unbranded USB cable that I purchased from eBay and I have yet to experience it again. So I'm not positive that it's not the different J3 that solved the problem, but I'm fairly certain the generic USB cable just fits better.
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Pull out the cover to the connection area...then go UNDERNEATH. You can push it up and then the USB under it and the fit is much better.
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