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Old 08-10-2013, 08:32 AM
danx55 danx55 is offline
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hi there,

good threads never die imo

glad to see my old thread coming back from the dead too

as you see i started of with the 630s and they were a really good pair of starter iems i reckon - the VBs are something else - the bass makes you feel ill!! sometimes anyway - thats with the big bass plates on.

i only gave them up found that my ears dont like iem style cans, i prefer buds

only ones ive found better (not in raw bass that is) are my bose ie2s

to sum up - the hippos will kick the 630s arse for power!

i found the 630s a bit muddy sound wise - the senn 300iis are clearer imo

good luck

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